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A real quick take on Petr Aven’s “Time of Berezovsky”

Currently there seems to be no English review of the recent book in Russian “Time of Berezovsky” by Petr Aven, save for this short excerpt. So I just wanted to drop in my own two cents. Immediately after opening the … Continue reading

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Original sin of Clinton clan

I became interested in politics in my college years, which coincided with mid-2000s. I’ve read a lot of the Western — mainly American — press, and the recurring topic of Vladimir Putin being a villain because of journalists being killed … Continue reading

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Tarakany, ‘The happiest man in the world’

If a punk band Tarakany doesn’t ring any bells here’s a good chance to get started. The band’s name translates as Cockroaches. I’ve heard a track of theirs on Nashe Radio (the only radio station in Russia dedicated entirely to … Continue reading

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